Back Country Voices
Julian, CA.

Bio: Concerned residents of San Diego County have joined together to form a citizens action group, ‘Back Country Voices.’ ‘BCV’ was conceived after discovering a brief, well hidden statement by San Diego County Board of Supervisors "unanimous vote" to approve our backcountry as one of the 6 FAA’s proposed ‘National Drone Testing Site.’ There were no public forums, informational hearings or opportunities for local citizens to voice their questions and concerns on drone testing in our backcountry. In fact, many residents did not even know that this proposal was being considered. 'BCV' filled these gaps by providing public forums to address questions, safety issues and concerns on drone testing in the back country. In short order, we were able to accomplish what the S.D. County Board of Supervisors neglected to do, their job! By having the support of local citizens, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, S.D. Veterans for Peace Foundation, ACLU of San Diego, environmentalist, firefighters, and by local and national media coverage, we were able to provide the necessary outreach, education and opportunity for public input to better address the ramifications of a ‘National Drone Testing Site’ in our backcountry. Essentially, our collective efforts paid off and we were able to make a substantial impact by demonstrating how Congress failed to pass any legislation to protect citizens’ safety and privacy rights. While drones have proven beneficial for scientific purposes, they are also used to illegally target and kill innocent civilians around the world. Americans need to weigh these benefits against the very real threat drones bring to the rights we have been granted by the Constitution. If we allow the government to strip us of our Rights how much farther will they go? As we face a multitude of other issues, ‘BCV’ remains committed in safeguarding and empowering our backcountry and beyond. Informed citizens are truly the strength of a democracy. Please join us and share your voice! Email: backcountryvoices@gmail.com 'BCV' website: https://backcountryvoices.wordpress.com/ 'BCV' Facebook grp. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/170624526472012/ You can also follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/BackCntryVoices

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