Obama Executive Order 13526 Makes Hillary Guilty

meme-hillary-i-did-not-have-textual-relations-with-that-server-lars-larsonClinton Emails Were Born Classified

Mrs. Clinton — apparently, obviously clear here — is gonna get away with violating all kinds of national security. The latest thing that she’s guilty of here — and it’s a felony. Andy McCarthy wrote about this today at National Review Online. (shuffling papers) Let me find it here. What it is, Obama issues an Executive Order 13526.

“In the first year of his administration (December 29, 2009, to be exact), President Obama issued Executive Order 13526, entitled ‘Classified National Security Information.’ It explains that information is deemed classified if its disclosure would cause ‘damage to the national security.’ Beyond that, whether the classified information is categorized as ‘top secret,’ ‘secret,’ or ‘confidential’ depends on how serious the damage would be.

“With that as background, the order makes clear that there is one category of information that is automatically deemed classified: information from foreign governments. Section 1.1(d) of the executive order decrees: ‘The unauthorized disclosure of foreign government information is presumed to cause damage to the national security.’” I’m sorry; guilty! There is no way Mrs. Clinton can say that this did not happen with these e-mails that she has or has not released.

We can document it. There have been e-mails about foreign governments, disclosure of foreign government information. Hell, she’s out soliciting donations from them, for the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, for crying out loud, and her future presidency. She’s in violation of executive order. The executive order governs the executive branch. I know you’re probably saying, “Wait a minute, Rush! Are you validating an Obama executive order?”








Valerie Plame was sitting at a desk in Virginia. Her husband outed her, and then Armitage outed her to Bob Woodward who couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and then Novak ends up outing her in his column, and she ends up being famous and having movies and books written about her and so forth. And Scooter Libby gets found guilty for leaking her when he didn’t have anything to do with it. The Regime comes along and outs the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, and the media treats it like a little side note.

HEATHER CHILDERS: The White House accidentally blowing the cover of the CIA’s top officer.

JIM AXELROD: The CIA’s top officer had his cover blown accidentally.

PETER ALEXANDER: The White House mistakenly identified the CIA’s top officer.

MAJOR GARRETT: The White House mistakenly blew the cover.

KATE BOLDUAN: The White House accidentally revealed the identity.

DAVID KERLEY: The White House inadvertently released the name.

BROOKE BALDWIN: Accidentally revealing the identity of the top CIA officer.:

JAKE TAPPER: The White House accidentally leaked the identity.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: That is a big blunder.

JOHN BERMAN: A big intelligence blunder.

JIM ACOSTA: This was a colossal one.

KRISTEN WELKER: The White House quickly fixed its error.

BRIANNA KEILAR: And a big oops from the White House.
So the administration outs an ACTUAL undercover CIA person, and everyone called it a mistake, blunder, etc. At least you libs got to punish one Repub. over a nothing person. The station chief in Kabul was put in real danger.

Ford pardoned Nixon BEFORE any charges were filed.

Pre-emptive Presidential Pardons

………..Can you be pardoned for a crime before you’re ever charged?

slate. com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2008/07/preemptive_presidential_pardons. html

…………Yep. In 1866, the Supreme Court ruled in Ex parte Garland that the pardon power “extends to every offence known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment.” (In that case, a former Confederate senator successfully petitioned the court to uphold a pardon that prevented him from being disbarred.) Generally speaking, once an act has been committed, the president can issue a pardon at any time—regardless of whether charges have even been filed.

While pre-emptive pardons remain very rare, there are a few notable exceptions. Perhaps the most famous presidential pardon of all time occurred before any charges were filed. Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon absolved the former president of “all offenses against the United States which he … has committed or may have committed or taken part in” between the date of his inauguration in 1969 and his resignation in August 1974.

In other cases, presidents have pardoned individuals after criminal proceedings have begun but before a judgment has been handed down.

In late 1992, less than a month before leaving office, President George H.W. Bush pardoned former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, who had been indicted earlier that year on perjury charges surrounding the Iran-Contra affair.

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