Trump: Novice-in-Chief

The real problem is that Trump has such an absolutely tenuous connection to reality that he feels perfectly willing and able to lie about just about anything, even things that are trivially disproved.

Want to make land use sustainable? It’s a wicked problem!

All these scenarios and considerations led to a dizzying array of potential results. So the authors analyzed them in terms of pathways—if you prioritize food production and start down that pathway, does it preclude anything else? The answer is yes. “Simultaneous achievement of multiple targets is rare,” the authors conclude, “owing to the complexity of…

Considering Globalization’s Dark Side

If undeveloped countries come to believe that they no longer have future growth prospects due to the Third Industrial Revolution, they or their people may not accept such an outcome quietly. Much like Western voters, these nations may decide that today’s global economic framework is no longer acceptable and must be torn down.