Opportunity for Public Input on Drones: The Good, The Bad, and The Amazing!

DronesThe League of Women Voters of San Diego will be hosting a luncheon, Drones: “The Good, The Bad, and The Amazing,” on October 16, 2014, to discuss the pros and cons related to the issues on the November ballot.

“As you probably know, the League’s mission is to educate ourselves and our communities about important issues. What we hope to achieve from this luncheon is to learn more about UAV’s, how they can and should be used and what regulations need to be in place so that any privacy or security concerns are addressed,” said Jeanne Brown, LWVSD Program Director.

Bill AB 1327 could restrict law enforcement and other government agencies from using drones to spy on Californians without a warrant has passed the State Senate with overwhelming support.  Senators voted 25 to 8 in favor of AB 1327, which now returns to the full Assembly for a concurrence vote on amendments made in the Senate. If approved there, it will advance to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for signature.

If passed, the measure would require law enforcement agencies to get a warrant from a judge before using drones, or unmanned aircraft.

The legislation would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant before using a  drone, except in emergency situations, including, but not limited to, fires, hostage crises, search and rescue operations, or other emergency situations..

Other agencies would still be allowed to use drones or contract for drone surveillance, but shall not use an unmanned aircraft system for the purpose of surveillance of another person without that person’s consent, and would be required to dispose of information collected by drones within six months.

domestic dronesSenator Ted Lieu, a coauthor of the measure, says “drones have a high potential for abuse and that the bill aims to assure that Constitutional rights are protected.”

The bill is opposed by law enforcement groups, notably the California Police Chiefs Association and the California State Sheriffs’ Association which contends the measure goes too far and that use of drones is helpful for law enforcement purposes.

The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that 30,000 commercial drones could be in operation in less than 20 years.

League of Women Voters of San Diego“We want to have speakers on the various types and uses of drones and the regulations that cover them now and what is still needed,” said Jeanne Brown, of the LWVSD.

The luncheon will be at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, 2150 Harbor Island Dr., from 11:30 am -1:30 pm.

Do you have a speaker who can share your group’s concerns and who is available for the luncheon?
If you are available on October 16th, please contact Jeanne Brown and share your insights, questions and concerns. (see contact info below).
Jeanne Brown
Program Director

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