The Big UAV/UAS Manufacturer List

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of Drone manufacturers around the world, with new ventures springing up every day. This page attempts to chronicle as many of them as possible by geographic area.

Companies making drones, UAVs or UAS.

United States


3D Robotics – The for profit arm of DIY Drones. Leader in supporting the maker/DIY movement.

General AtomicsManufactures the Predator A, B (MQ – 9 Reaper) and C (Avenger), and several other famous UAV systems

Northrup Grumman – Another heavy hitter, makes the Global Hawk and several other UAS.

Make Military Drone Technology Available at Toy Prices


AAI Corporation – Makes the RQ-7B shadow and associated UAVs


Prioria – Mini/Micro UAS manufacturer. First model is called Maveric.


Aerosight Innovations – Civilian UAV and FPV

Insitu – Boeing subsidiary. Makers of the ScanEagle, Integrator and other UAS systems



RP Flight Systems – Make the Spectra series of UAS flying wings.

Vanguard Defense Industries – Makes the ShadowHawk. Used by many police departments


Boeing – Needs no introduction. Also works on several defense contracts.

Hobby UAV – Recently successful Kickstarter campaign launched the TechPod.


Aurora Flight Sciences – Maker of the Skate, a VTOL UAV.


Gatewing – Makes the X100, specifically designed for mapping and imaging



Aeryon Systems – Manufacturer of small multirotor UAVs


Novadem – Designs and manufactures small UAV platforms for civilian and military markets.

Parrot – Makes a very popular starter drone controlled by mobile devices over wifi.

Hong Kong

DJI Innovations – Makes hobby, aerial photography and high end quadcopter platforms

DJI Introduces the Phantom 2

The Phantom 2 is unbelievably easy to fly. Combined with smooth, stabilised footage from the H3-2D gimbal, aerial cinematography and videography has never been easier. It’s light, rugged and perfect for travel.


UAV Factory – Makes the Penguin B, which claims a 54.5 hour endurance.

New Zealand

Droidworx Limited – Makes several multirotor platforms perfect for aerial photography

Photo Higher – Another competing UAS manufacturer focusing on the aerial photography market

Urban Drone photo


CATUAV – Full UAV/UAS services company.


senseFly – Makes the eBee small UAV.

Skybotix – Operates in the Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) category including the Flybox and CoaX.

Team BlackSheep – Started selling their famous Zephyr wing and quadcopter after establishing a huge following on YouTube


This video was shot at the location of a tragic accident. It is not our interest to gain attention on the backs of those who have lost loved ones. This video is supposed to be a showcase for possible UAV applications. Our goal is to display the stranded ship in a never-before seen way. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who drowned on this day and we are hoping for a swift removal to reveal again the underlying beauty of Giglio Island, Italy.



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