County backs push for SoCal drone test site

The fact of the matter is, the Board of Supervisors neglected to notify the public before their vote. No voice, no vote, no choice.

droneSAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday threw its unanimous support behind a proposal submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration to test unmanned aerial systems and vehicles in Southern California.

Several agencies, including the San Diego Military Advisory Council and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, proposed a testing area stretching from Bridgeport to the U.S.-Mexico border, from the state line to 100 miles west into the ocean. It would exclude Los Angeles.

The majority of testing would be over unpopulated areas, and would not impact local airports, according to Supervisor Ron Roberts.

The testing site would become one of six in the nation, with a decision anticipated in December.

Supervisor Dianne Jacobs said it would be a significant accomplishment for the region to be selected.

“I’m impressed with the fact that this will bolster our economy, (result in) much-needed jobs and create additional economic…

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