Ineffective Drone-Court Proposal: Drone Strikes

Americans are being told that there’s no need to worry about the broad surveillance programs authorized by the controversial FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Yet a report paints a more disturbing picture: National Security Agency surveillance enabled by the FAA was found “unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment” by the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court “on at least one occasion.” The court also found that the government’s implementation of its authority under the statute had “circumvented the spirit of the law.” Despite these troubling rulings from a court notorious for its deference to intelligence agencies, Congress is so unconcerned that lawmakers don’t even want to know how many citizens have been caught up in the NSA’s vast and growing databases. (emphasis added).

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'


Angus King’s Ineffective Drone-Court Proposal

After being in Congress for less than a month, Angus King, Independent Senator from Maine, has made a proposal to Congress regarding the U.S. drone program that has caught so much attention.  Seeking to, in his opinion, add oversight to the drone program, Sen. King has proposed:

A judicial review process for targeted killings of Americans, similar to one used to review electronic surveillance of Americans.

The recent controversy surrounding the White Paper released by NBC outlining the U.S. drone program that can target American citizens abroad suspected of planning terrorist attacks. The program requires little in the way of concrete evidence to target such American citizens and has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum as being unconstitutional and immoral. Sen. King’s proposal attempts to address some of the criticisms of the program.

However, while one can accept the promise of a court to review…

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